Ebru Art Supplies

The materials used as much as mastery in the art of Ebru are also very important. When choosing materials, more pleasant and more specific works are revealed.

Paper: Ebru art should be used with high absorbent paper and matte paper.

Kitre: It is an adhesive / glue which is a very rare adhesive feature of the art of marbling. The kit is first mixed with water, then brought to a suitable consistency.

Boat: The boat, which is one of the basic materials of marbling art, is the container which is put into the trainer.

Brush: The thickness of the brushes used for the spreading and shaping of paints on water varies according to the pattern to be given.

Paints: Other materials of marbling art, such as paints are special. The most commonly used paint colors are oxide red, oxide yellow, oxide black, lahur stud colors.

Paid: It allows the marbling colors to stick on the tragacanth. Thanks to the payoff, the colors remain on the tragic discard.

We: Ebru is a tool used to give shape.

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